☝️ #10 How to bet out of Gambling Commission?

How to bet with a bookmaker outside arjel?

Reserved for experienced bettors who want to increase their income on sports betting very easily, bookmakers outside the Gambling Commission are made for them. The difficulty is to find out who accepts you with your postal address and without giving a false identity.
Indeed, using a VPN is very dangerous:

  • It's forbidden by all bookmakers, they will close your account if they find out;
  • You will not be able to withdraw your bankroll if you cannot prover your place of residence, your account will be blocked once you have earned money (not before of course);

This tutorial will give you the address of a bookmaker who will accept you without problem even with an English (or Irish or Canadian) address.

Text of the video:

The access link ✔http://www.1xlink.com
And a promo code to be filled when registering ✌️ 1x_26097 ✌️
This tutorial explains why you should not use a VPN to play at a bookmaker in.com but also where to register to bet outside Gambling Commission

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