☝️ #7 How to register your phone number at 1xbet?

How to write the phone number to get it validated?

With account authentications it is essential to register a (mobile) phone number with 1xbet. This will prevent you from having your player account hacked. There can only be one phone number per account.
But it is not easy to enter the number correctly and no error message will be sent to you if you enter it incorrectly. You may waste a lot of time trying to understand why this is not working.
This tutorial of a few seconds shows you how to do it concretely with screenshot of the site to guide you.

Text of the video:

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A problem registering your phone number? Is the validation of your account blocked because of this? This operation is also necessary to be able to remove. This tutorial shows you how to do it. Note that the basic proposed code is the one of the country where you are connecting, but you can change it to another country. However, you must respect the format given in the tutorial.

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